Full List of Event Itinerary

7-8am: Registration

8-8:10am: Disruptors, Visionaries, and Game Changers

Bitcoin, Hydraulic Fracking, Solar Panels, Clean Coal, Electric Cars… what do these innovations have in common?  Each new technology transformed their industry. Transportation, the power grid, the environment, and banking/finance will never be the same.

New regulations, emerging opportunities, and existing challenges for each sector will be explored. We will especially examine the areas of intersection and overlap between the various industries.

8:10-8:40am: Innovator Spotlight 1: Stronghold Digital Mining

In this keynote presentation audience members will hear from Stronghold Digital Mining will discuss how the have become Pennsylvania’s premier environmentally beneficial vertically integrated bitcoin mining operation 

Speaker Stronghold Digital Mining 

8:40-9:20am: The Cutting Edge: The Future of Renewable Energy

Our first panel discussion will revolve around the cutting-edge future of  renewable energy.  Our second panel of the day goes to the frontier of renewable energy. We will hear from individuals utilizing coal refuse,  the future of hydrogen in America, and the challenges of developing solar projects in red areas  

Jaret Gibbons- Appalachian Region Independent Power Producers Association 

Justin Mason- Land and Liberty Coalition  

9:20-10:00am: Don’t Kill the Golden Goose: Regulating Bitcoin and Blockchain

While the cryptocurrency market has hit 2 trillion dollars worldwide, it is also a largely unregulated industry. Is the price of bitcoin going to continue to surge, or will over-regulation cause it to collapse? During this panel discussion, we will hear from one Proponent of Cryptocurrency, and we will hear from members of Pennsylvania’s Cryptocurrency task force. The panel will be completed with a Veteran of the fossil fuel industry, how has regulation impacted shale production or coal production.


Representative Josh Kail

Dr. Elizabeth Lewis 

10:00-10:25am: Innovator Spotlight: LEGACY: Diversified Oil and Gas

In this second innovator section of the day, we are going to look at one of the most innovative natural gas companies in America: Diversified Oil and Gas. Diversified, not Exxon, not EQT, owns the most natural gas wells in the country. While other companies pivot to bigger and bigger wells, Diversified is betting on legacy wells to carry the day.


Benjamin Sullivan Diversified Energy 

10:25-10:45am: Networking Break

Attendees can network with some of the biggest decision makers and influencers in the crypto and energy space.  

10:45-11:25am Permitting, Regulation and Reputation in Energy

For this panel we will hear from government/external affair veterans as well as politicians, we will discuss the challenges Pennsylvania zoning  laws present for renewable energy, learn about flaws in the permitting process for shale wells and explore how legislation has impacted the  last 15 plus years of shale development in Pennsylvania.

Additional we will hear from a 15 plus year expert on the best way to forge productive relationships with individuals in multiple levels of government. Finally we will discuss the importance of effective 1 communication in a digital age.

Speakers include:

Walter Hufford-Repsol 

John Nestor-Overstreet and Nestor

11:25am-12:05pm Investing in Crypto and WEB 3

Preston Pysh of the investors podcast network, Aaron Tainter of Alpha Lab, and Kathlenn Kuznicki will discuss investing in web3, crypto currencies, and NFTS. Topics discussed what early investors are seeing from new businesses looking to innovative in a variety of established industries, the risks and opportunities in investing in crypto currencies, and Kathleen will provide expertise on the unique copyright issues that come with Non Fungible Tokens.

Speakers include 

Preston Pysh Investors Podcast Network 

Kathleen Kuznicki-Lynch law 

Aaron Tainter- Alpha Labs 


12:05-1:05pm LUNCH

Enjoy a world class lunch and exceptional networking opportunites 

1:05pm- 1:45pm: Leasing, Land, and Acquisitions

This two person panel will examine land, leasing, and acquisitions in the renewable and fossil fuel industries.  We are going to examine the current state of leasing, land and acquisition work in Appalachia and America. Increasing landmen are required to acquire both renewable energy rights as well as fossil fuel rights. How are the acquisition work similar or different. We will also examine how blockchain, drones and other technologies is upending and transforming the industry.


Mark Acree Fusiler Resources

Rodney Pratt CNX  

1:45pm-2:05pm Fossil Fuel Divestment impact on the greater economy

Treasurer Stacy Garrity will speak how divestitures of fossil fuels can negatively impact the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and put the power grid at risk 

Speakers: Treasurer Stacy Garrity

2:05-2:45 pm: 3.3 trillion: Stranded Assets, Bankruptcies, and Diversification

With pipeline opposition at an all-time high, and 3.3 trillion in stranded assets, natural gas producers are facing overwhelming challenges with bringing their gas to market.  CEO’s and Directors of land at two oil and gas operators will discuss how bankruptcies present opportunities, how they plan to maximize their stranded assets, and how they plan to diversify in the future.  Lastly we will discuss how digital market places could make it easier for bitcoin miners to located stranded power assets. 

Speakers Include: 

Kyle Textor-Carbon Capture

Brad Little- Penn View Exploration

Justin Edmiston-Arsenal Resources 

2:45pm to 3:20 pm

Conor Platt President of Confluence Analytics and Lara Coviello Senior Portfolio Manager at Brinker Capital will discuss how the ESG concerns with bitcoin and other crypto mining operations. Some of the topics addressed is ESG investing profitable,  how can carbon credits lead to a greener world, and how to classify Nuclear.


Conor Platt- Confluence Analytics

Lara Coviello- Brinker Capital


3:20pm thru 3:40pm Closing Remarks

Chris Halvorson of Magellan Scientific will deliver the closing remarks.

Speakers: Chris Halvorson


3:40pm thru 5:40pm

The event will end with a happy hour where attendees can enjoy some fun and games while meeting and networking with fellow executives, bankers, attorneys, bankers, scientists, and politicians.


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